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Magna Vista Plantation, located in the Fitler area of Issaquenna County, Mississippi, is committed to quality whitetail herd management for the serious hunter. Magna Vista has recently designated 2,200 acres as bow and primitive weapon hunting only. This property boasts beautiful Mississippi River frontage, hardwood forests, open crop fields, and a camp area. It sits right in the heart of several properties, including Magna Vista, Willow Point, and Tennessee Bar that have long been managed for trophy whitetails. Bucks with body weights in excess of 200 pounds are common in this area. It is our opinion, there is no better area in the Southeastern United States for trophy whitetail hunting than the Mississippi River Delta area in which this property is located.

Annual Hunting Rights

Magna Vista Plantation is offering units known as “Annual Hunting Rights”, on the above mentioned 2,200 acres at a Unit price of $7,500 per year. Magna Vista will provide the following services to be inclusive in this price:

Game retrieval assistance

Campsite with water/electrical hookups available

Food Plots

2013 Rules

Harvest Requirements

Each membership is allowed 3 trophy bucks and the MS State limit of does which currently stands at 5.

22 1/2" minimum on beam length for bucks taken with a firearm.

21" minimum on beam length for bucks taken with a bow.

All antlers are to be made available to camp biologist for measurement.

Youth (any youth not required by State Law to hold a hunting license) may harvest a "buck of choice".

Any non-licensed youth must hunt with a licensed adult.

Buck of choice must be 8 points or less. If 9 point or more it must meet minimum requirements listed above.

One buck of choice per membership.

Buck of choice counts as one of the membership's trophy bucks.

Management Buck - any buck with 7 points or less that is a minimum of 3 years old as determined by camp biologist.

Any membership that makes an error on the management buck program will forfeit the ability to harvest management bucks.

Other bucks may be targeted for management by camp biologist based on pictures from game cameras.

Penalties for undersized bucks

There will be no penalty for any buck harvested with undersized beam lengths if buck is determined to be at least 5 1/2 years old. Final age to be determined by camp biologist.

$500 - Up to 1/2" undersized

$1000 - From 1/2" to 1" undersized

$1,500 - From 1" to 1 1/2" undersized

$1,500 and forfeit of one trophy buck - From 1 1/2" and more undersized

Note 1: Fines above will not apply if deer harvested is at a minimum a 135" 8 or 9 pt or

at minimum a 145" 10 pt. or minimum 150" 11 or 12 pt.

Note 2: All fines will be deposited and used for camp improvements, food plots, etc.

Note 3: If a button buck is accidently taken the first will be forgiven. The second time will

result in a $100 fine.

**All fines and/or penalties must be paid before the membership can continue hunting.

Weapon Types

Only bows and/or primitive style single shot guns, i.e. 45/70 or 35 Wheelings for licensed hunters.

Non-licensed youth may use modern rifles legal in State of MS

Bows only at all times in those areas designated for bow only hunting.

Guns, as listed above, can only be used in areas other than bow only area as follows:

Only on opening weekend (Sat. & Sun.) of first gun season.

Only December 26, 27 & 28

At all times during any open gun season but only in designated area which will be the cutover on northwest side of Section Road.

Bow hunting is allowed in all locations during the entire season unless an area is designated as a non-hunting area.

Youth Only Hunts

With guns only during State designated dates but then only on weekends (Sat. & Sun.).

With guns only in designated area which will be the cutover on northwest side of Section Road.

Hunting Areas

Areas will be established and mapped that will be bow hunting only. Other areas can be hunted as provided in the "Weapon Type" section above.

Hunting Hours

Morning - Hunters must be in stand 30 minutes before sunrise and may not leave their assigned area before 9:30am.

Afternoon - Hunters must be in stand by 3:30pm now and 2:30PM after time change and may not leave their assigned area until 30 minutes after sunset.

No driving on road is allowed during hunting hours.


Each membership is allowed two hunting guests or family members at any time other than the opening day of any season. No guests are permitted on the opening day of any season. Member must be present for guest(s) and/or non-immediate family members to hunt.

All deer harvested by guest(s) or family count toward the membership quota.

There will be a hunting fee for guests and/or non-immediate family members of 100.00 per day. Hunting fee must be paid prior to hunting.

Camp Area

Each membership will be assigned a camp area furnished with water, sewer and electric hookups.

Each membership is responsible for contacting Twin County EPA for electric meter to be placed.

Each membership is responsible for own water treatment and protecting pipes during cold weather.

Vehicle Use

No travel beyond marked stopping points with any vehicle other than an electric cart.

Speed limit on Section Road 15 MPH.

Speed limit on County Road 30 MPH.

Should you have interest in this offer Magna Vista Plantation a guided visit of the acreage will be arranged immediately. If you have questions feel free to contact us.