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Welcome to Magna Vista Plantation

Mag · na - latin for great
Vis · ta - a view or a prospect

Magna Vista - A great prospect for a successful hunt.

issaquena.jpgMagna Vista Plantation, located in the Fitler area of Issaquenna County, Mississippi, is committed to quality whitetail herd management for the serious hunter. Its 7500 acres boasts beautiful Mississippi River frontage, hardwood forests, open crop fields, and flooded cypress and willow timber brakes. Magna Vista sits right in the heart of several properties, including Fitler Farms, Black Bear Lodge, Willow Point, and Tennessee Bar that have long been managed for trophy whitetails. Bucks with body weights in excess of 200 pounds are common in this area. It is our opinion there is no better area in the Southeastern United States for trophy whitetail hunting than the Mississippi River Delta area in which this property is located.