Magna Vista’s timber value alone is $2.1 million. Maintaining the highest standards in management and investment philosophies, Magna Vista also generates revenue as a working timber concern and there is a 30-year plan in place for cutting and generating revenue while enhancing hunting opportunities.

 MVP 2018 Deer Herd Management (PDF)


A combination of herd monitoring, habitat management, and hunter education allow the “biggest bang for your buck.” Magna Vista’s goal of producing trophy-class bucks and balanced herd densities are carried out through the constant and exhaustive management of the property’s white-tailed deer.


It has been said that the Magna Vista philosophy is: “Plant it and they will come…just add water.” Food and water are provided for ideal duck hunts, and over twenty duck holes are present throughout the property, consisting of green timber, flooded sloughs, and flooded fields.


Like all locations inside the Mississippi Levee, turkey hunting fluctuates based on how recently the MS River has flooded. Magna Vista has always been a location attracting an array of turkeys, and hatching has recently looked very promising for the area as well.

Hog, Squirrel, Rabbit and Fishing

Although deer, duck, and turkey are the main attractions, there is an abundant supply of small game such as rabbits, squirrels, and also opportunities to take the occasional hog. While hogs are on the property, they have not become a detriment and are managed responsibly throughout the year.


Consisting of approximately 6,000 acres with an abundance of wild game and a variety of conveniences, Magna Vista Plantation is a premier equity hunting club designed for a generational advantage. In Mississippi, family traditions are strong and revered, and Magna Vista captures the heart of the investment in the heart of the Mississippi Delta.